Fall is in the air. The garden is at its peak of ripeness. I don’t know about your experience with gardening, but I’ve found that some years are better for some vegetables than others.

This is the year of the Great Pumpkin at my house. We didn’t intend to have this many pumpkins. (I wanted watermelon…but that is another story.)

In this situation, I could whine about the loss of my desired outcome (lack of watermelons, overabundance of pumpkins) or use what I have to my advantage. So I will have a pumpkin carving contest at my home for all the kids in the family. We’ll have hay rides and cider and celebrate the year of the Great Pumpkin.

Jobs can be like this, too. You sometimes end up in a role that you didn’t expect. You interview for one role and get another. Halfway through a project you see a new outcome or business or world events change the course. You’ve all heard the “turn lemons into lemonade” analogy—pumpkin to pumpkin pie anyone?