The Hunt

This year was my first morel mushroom hunt. And I became quickly addicted. The thrill of the hunt is precisely what makes “morel-ing” so exciting.

Morel mushrooms only grow in the spring when the temperature, humidity, variance between nighttime and day time temperature, soil acidity and many other factors are just right.

Prior to the hunt, I studied up and watched YouTube videos to gain wisdom and aid my search.

Searching for morels requires using a stick to move grass, leaves and plants that may be hiding the morels from view. From my experience, I learned you have to get down into the thick of things to really find the treasures. During the hunt, I tried to channel my great grandmother, who folklore tells had herbalist skills.

My efforts were rewarded, but not at first.  There they were, right in front of me, I just couldn’t see them.  My eyes weren’t yet trained.  It took a while, then I figured out a pattern.  It is imperative to take your time so as not to step on any mushrooms or brush up against poison ivy.  When collecting the morels, it is important to carefully pick them so as not to damage them, and it is also important to  put them in a mesh bag so that the spores might replenish for more mushrooms later.

When the hunt came to a close, I took the advice from the more experience morel hunters on the best way to prepare morels. There is nothing like the gift of something in season, at the height of delicious perfection.

Maybe it is the same reason I love recruiting.  As recruiters we are always trying to find the treasures who are available at just the right moment.  We are constantly trying to figure out where candidates are hiding. And when we do, we work hard to handle our candidates with care and as we understand their value and the importance of timing.

I would truly love your feedback on where you “hang out” professionally.  Recently LinkedIn bumped Apple out of the number one spot of fastest growing tech companies.  Twitter is everywhere.  Let me know your thoughts on how you keep your professional network strong and when you want to be found—where are you?

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