Thank You!

I read an article regarding using your Talents to help others.  Some of us struggle to know what our Talents are and it suggested to listen for what people thank us for.

When people thank us for something, they have been helped in some way. Notice what you are thanked for on the regular. Are you a good listener? A good teacher? A good motivator? All of these things are talents even though they seem small.

Are you particularly good at facilitating meetings?  Creating a spreadsheet? A great starter? Self -learner?  Strong finisher?  You can fix things?

Every day you each share your talents to enrich the lives of others; your co-workers, your client and their customers.  In fact you may not even know the impact you have for those seemingly small acts.  You can give a tip on fixing an issue on a spreadsheet that in turn saves someone an hour so that people in turn can give of their talents to someone else and so on.

My challenge to you:  say Thank You to someone today for the talent they shared.  It will make a difference.

 Thank you for all you give to Keyot, big and small, and the talents you share.  May this holiday season bring you much joy!