• Be True.
    Have any of you watched the new series “Lie to Me”?  I find myself fascinated with the science around lying. Was does it mean when our brow furrows, our lips twitch, our eyes squint? My son recently had an incident helping a stranger who ended up robbing him. Later he reflected that his gut told …
  • Come Prepared to Ask Questions.
    Ask the important questions, but it is important to read the signals when you have the interviewer sold and when to stop. I would suggest 2-3 questions is about the right amount. Make them intersecting and relevant to the project or key to your success. Avoid the questions that could be answered right from the company website.
  • Don’t Say It If You Can’t Demonstrate It.
    Take an objective look at your resume and the words you have used to describe yourself and ask if you can describe each one in terms of what that looks like in the work setting.