My husband and I were leisurely canoeing on our property in August enjoying the waning last days of summer.  On one of the big white pines is erected a huge eagle’s nest. We have been watching them all year as the young birds have grown to enormous proportion, now actually larger in body mass than the adults, but still mottled brown and black without the distinctive white head and tail. We had the rare experience of watching one of these  juveniles soar just 20 feet over our heads in lazy circles for several minutes.  We could see the multicolor of his feathers highlighted by the summer sun illuminating his translucent wings from the opposite side of us.  The “fingers” at the tips of the massive wings, spreading and bending to capture the wind and effortlessly arch and soar at will, seemingly without effort.   Even this young bird had strength and majesty, but the adult kept a watchful eye from its own perch 100 yards away.  The gift was allowing us to see that strength and the lessons it had learned so well from its ever present parent.
As a candidate seeking your next role or assignment, it is important to find a recruiter and company you trust. Then let them see your strengths.  All too often candidates are either too humble or too far away in terms of really describing what they have accomplished, what they are really good at, where they can really leverage and demonstrate their power.  Spread your wings wide, feel the strength and relish in your control of the wind currents you have explored previously.  It’s a bond!  A relationship as important as any in your life.  Your recruiter IS your mentor, coach and biggest booster; watching you from 100 yards away as you take flight and conquer the elements.
Tip:  Find a recruiter and company you trust to really know your strengths and represent them well.  When you find that company, build a lifelong relationship.  This isn’t a one-time-shot, this is your career.