Change…it is inevitable in life and certainly in business.

Companies are constantly reorganizing, downsizing, outsourcing, centralizing and decentralizing, building new service offerings or products, changing leaders from the line to the CEO. In fact, the rate of change continues to accelerate. Whether the change is positive, negative or just plain unknown, it can be unnerving to all of us.

Companies need people who remain positive while helping to manage and facilitate change.

As you consider your next interview, reflect on the changes you have encountered in your worklife. What was the situation and driver of the change? What was the scope of the impact? How did it affect you, your peers, your boss, your team, your clients? What was your role in the change process? What did you learn about yourself? Doing this simple self-analysis can help you demonstrate in an interview how you can be the agent of positive change.

We all know people who have dealt with adversity with grace and professionalism, who somehow manage – in spite of the turmoil around them – to bring out the best in others. We admire those who can face a situation and see the path for good and clear the way. We love working with people who can use their gift of good humor to diffuse the most stressful of situations. We also appreciate working with people who have a knack for listening to those that need a safe place to vent without fear of consequence. Which one are you?

In your next interview be sure to discuss with your potential new employer your strengths and ability to remain positive while managing change.   

P.S. During a particularly challenging work situation in my past, I remember my mother’s words of advice. She reminded me I was her daughter. She said you get back in there, wear your best suit, put on lipstick, hold your head high and deal with it. I did and she was right. I am not saying lipstick is the answer to life’s challenges, but it doesn’t hurt!