Reliable Advice and Mentorship

My experience with Keyot has been truly exceptional. The support that is offered by all the members of the Keyot team has been pivotal to my professional success as an associate project manager. The Keyot team is always there and constantly offering their reliable advice and mentorship. I feel so fortunate to be involved in a company that truly cares and invests their time and energy in young professionals. Keyot understands that every situation is unique and truly work with you to bring out your strengths and develop identified weaknesses. The organization invested in my training, introduced me to the world of project management, counseled me on presentation and facilitation, and advised me on effective networking.

In my previous work experience, I usually felt like I was on my own to navigate the enterprise and produce results on very little framework or background. I was really struggling with finding my way to sustainable career that offered growth. I felt like I was obliged to stay in sales-based on the inability to gain the access to companies seeking skills like those that Keyot fosters. Keyot effectively assists in building that bridge for talented graduates to have the chance to use their skills in an environment that will allow them to begin a career. There have been times where I have sat back for a moment and realized how grateful I really am to associate with everyone on the Keyot team.

Laura Mae Pladson