Moves & Shakers: Jeanine Rickson

Reprinted from the Star Tribune by Todd Nelson

A look at the people behind the numbers in area business:
Jeanine Rickson, Keyot
Title: Vice president of consultants
Age: 57

Jeanine Rickson is leading national recruiting efforts as vice president of consultants for Keyot, a boutique Twin Cities consulting firm that also has offices in Iowa, Texas and Colorado.

Rickson, who has more than 20 years of recruiting and management experience, said she was excited to join the certified women-owned Keyot and to have a second opportunity to build national recruiting practice.

Rickson previously worked with Genesis 10, a national information technology staffing and recruiting firm, for 10 years. As a founding partner of that firm’s Minnesota branch, Rickson rose to the role of chief talent officer, an executive team position in which she led recruiting of consultants nationally.

“Our model at Keyot is knowing the clients we serve very well, their goals, strategies and corporate culture,” Rickson said. “Then we work proactively on the talent side to know the talent, the project managers and business analysts in our markets and their goals, strengths and career interests. My job really is to perform that kind of magic of aligning that right talent at the right time.”

Critical to that is spending time getting to know candidates, who otherwise “often feel that they’re just a collection of words on a résumé,” said Rickson, who also has worked at Deluxe Corp. in Kansas City.

Keyot, founded in 2008, works with talent ranging from senior project managers and business analysts to new college graduates and professionals with less than 10 years of experience for clients in financial ! services , health care and insurance.

Q: What did you like about this opportunity at Keyot?

A: We value real relationships with clients and consultants. We spend tremendous amounts of time in the process of knowing clients and hiring managers well and knowing our talent well. I wanted to be back in the personal part of the people business.

Q: What sets Keyot apart as a consulting firm?

A: The experience that we bring to the table. All of us have a combination of experience that includes corporate leadership. We’ve been hiring manager, IT professionals and we’ve led projects. As we interact with our talent and consulting base, it allows us to get much deeper into the work that they’ve done and how they’ve done that work.

Q: What’s the business climate like now for your clients?

A: The IT talent community is pretty tight and hiring managers are amazingly busy, so it’s incredibly important to add value to our client base. We’re seeing, and this will ebb and flow, lots of energy around process improvement and efficiency, and lots of interest in people who have strong analytical and data experience.