Keyot Core Values: Making a Difference this Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Family, food, giving, gratitude, and reflection, all bundled together under layers of warm clothing to combat the freezing temperatures (if you happen to live up north). Following the theme of giving and gratitude, Keyot loves to emphasize our Core Values this time of year and give back to the communities where we live and work. Of course, we follow our Core Values year-round, but the holiday season seems like a good time to talk about it and reflect on what they mean to us.

The Keyot Core Values are: Give Time & Wisdom, Drive to Win, Lead the Way, Care About You, and Love What We Do.

Here are a few of the ways we’ve been living out these Core Values lately:

Meetup with Educators from the Country of Georgia

Apart from the US state, Georgia is also the name of a country situated in the Caucasus Mountain region, right between Russia and Turkey along the Black Sea. We were recently fortunate to receive some visitors from Georgia for an educational meetup as part of an exchange program, arranged by an awesome former consultant of ours who works at World Link, Inc.

The people who visited our Iowa office are educators in Georgia and work at the collegiate level; they were in Iowa for three weeks visiting various organizations and we were lucky enough to be one of them! As educators in Georgia, the group was visiting the U.S. to gain a better understanding of the Information Technology curriculum for small universities and community colleges. They are seeing growth in IT in their country and are wanting to better align their IT programs, so they can attract young talent and prepare them for success.

This mission aligns perfectly with a key component of our business, the Crew212 program, which we use to recruit and train talented young professionals for careers in technology and business.

We also have a program called Trailblazers which creates mentoring relationships for young women, encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM. With this background, we were able to provide some insight into the strategies and tactics we use to effectively engage young people and get them interested in pursuing IT as a career.

Overall, the meetup was an awesome exchange of cultures and knowledge and it was great to make some new friends from a different part of the world!

Keyot Winter Clothing Drive

Last month, we put a challenge to our consultants to donate winter clothing items like hats, gloves, and scarves for the Central Iowa Shelter and the YESS Iowa Organization. Our consultants and back office staff generously donated lots of great winter clothes, including some larger items like new jackets! We greatly appreciate their help in providing warmth to those who need it most this time of year.

Support for Those Living with Mental Illness Through Vail Place

This summer, Keyot was invited to sponsor a hole at an annual charity golf tournament organized by one of our clients. The proceeds for the tournament go to several fantastic Twin Cities charities, one of which is called Vail Place. They provide community-based recovery services for adults living with serious mental illnesses. Vail Place recently reached out to us and were kind enough to let us know about a few of the people who have received support due to this donation:

  • Fatuma, who needed to connect, after a crisis hospital admission, with a Vail Place Case Manager who was a lifeline of support that drastically reduced her chance of re-hospitalization.
  • Sheila, who needed transitional housing and support at Vail House to break the cycle of homelessness caused by the complex challenges of mental illness and chemical dependency.
  • Carol, who needed the intensive mental and medical health care and supports of Vail Care to avoid falling into crisis and learn to manage and stabilize her overall health.
  • George, who needed the mobile, short-term services of Vail Connect to find the support and resources to move to the next stage of his journey of recovery.
  • Richard, who needed the ongoing community of friends, support and vocational skill building he found at our Clubhouses to maintain his recovery and complete his journey to a full and satisfying life.

We couldn’t be happier to be making a difference for Fatuma, Sheila, Carol, George, and Richard, and we wish them a wonderful holiday season as they continue their recovery.

Keyot Partners at Golf Tournament
Keyot Partners Cindy, Laura, and Anjie at Charity Golf Tournament

Where Have You Seen Our Core Values in Action?

Keyot’s Core Values are integral to our identity as an organization and we love to hear when our employees are making them a part of their lives. If you’ve seen our Core Values in action from a Keyot consultant, let us know at And to everyone out there who is making a difference this time of year, have a blessed holiday season and a happy new year from all of us here at Keyot!

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