As I was looking for career opportunities during my final years of college, I wanted to find a company that had the same values that I fell in love with at UNI. Finding a small town, small company feel with access to the big city, big campus resources.

What drew me toward Keyot and the Crew 212 program was the fact that I wouldn’t just be “another employee.” By joining Keyot and Crew212, I would have a team and a support system that would help propel me into a professional direction crucial to my success and the ability to reach my goals in a relatively short amount of time.

As a student at UNI, professors wanted me to succeed. The same can easily be said of Keyot and Crew212 consultants. They equipped me with the tools necessary to become the business professional that will define my future. I truly believe they tailor the program to meet the needs and wants of the individual rather than just creating a uniform experience for all.

Keyot and the Crew212 program work diligently to help college graduates find their true passion and explore where they want to take that passion. Something you wouldn’t necessarily get at a big consulting firm or corporation.

Courtney, UNI Graduate