Crew212 Spotlight: Carter Neilsen

Since 2012, Keyot has been preparing and enabling young professionals to enter corporate project delivery roles through our highly competitive, award-winning Crew212 program. In 2019, more than 8,000 college graduates applied to be considered for this program. In the end we placed 95 of these highly motivated Crew212 consultants in their first client assignments.

Carter Neilsen’s success as a Delivery Lead with a Fortune 500 client is great example of how our Crew212 consultants make an immediate impact on the teams they’re part of.  At 24, Carter is responsible for, among many things, leading and facilitating daily, weekly, and quarterly planning sessions with an experienced project team.  The business leader this team supports recently commented, “Carter has taken leadership of a veteran group that could be intimidating and overwhelming to anyone at any stage of their career.  I know he was serving many masters when he first started, and he handled that with a lot of grace.”  High praise for a young professional managing a team of folks with 10-20+ years of experience.

When asked what has led to the recognition he’s received from multiple executive stakeholders, Carter shared “I believe in servant leadership – my job is to make my team’s life easier.”  Carter pointed to several skills he learned during his two-week training boot camp that have served him well in his role.  “I learned a 7-step process to effectively facilitate meetings that I use every week – in fact I keep a copy of it hanging at my desk.”  In addition to core project delivery skills, Crew212 consultants are introduced to EQ.  They learn skills like listening, empathy, and the language of emotions.  “By understanding the importance of emotional intelligence, I’ve learned how to lead without authority”, said Carter.

At Keyot, our primary focus is execution excellence in support of our clients’ most important initiatives.  Nowhere is that more evident than with our innovative, multi-generational project teams, fueled by Crew212 consultants like Carter Neilsen.

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