Crew212 Sponsors Scholarships to Support STEM Careers

Every year, the Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) Foundation awards scholarships to young Minnesotan students pursuing a degree in a STEM field. As part of Keyot’s giveback, Crew212 sponsors two of these scholarships, with one specifically awarded to women pursuing careers in STEM. The Crew212 team nominates outstanding individuals who have shown their passion for STEM through their roles as mentors and background with innovative projects.

We are excited to announce that this year’s MHTA scholarships recipients are Katie R. and Donald P.! They will be awarded their scholarships at the MHTA Tekne Awards on November 29th, 2018.

Katie is a senior at the University of Minnesota – College of Science and Engineering and is studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. She has led multiple projects including an optimization effort for the Gopher Grocery Delivery System. Katie is also the Vice President of GOFIRST Robotics, a student-led robotics club that mentors teams for competitions and facilitates workshops. After graduation, she plans on continuing her education through the Stanford Management Science and Engineering Ph.D. Program.

Donald is a junior at the Dunwoody College of Technology and is pursuing a degree in Electronics Engineering. He has multiple projects showcased by his college, including an automated dice roller and an automated snowplow. He is also the lead programmer of the school’s automated snowplow team, which resulted in his team receiving 3rd in 2017 and 2nd in 2018 in a national competition. After graduating, Donald plans on continuing his education through a bachelor’s program in Software Engineering with the end goal of becoming an Embedded Systems Engineer.

Annual Simpson College Scholarship

In addition to the annual MHTA scholarships, Keyot also provides a scholarship to Simpson College, located in Indianola, IA, of which Managing Partner Cindy Rockwell is an alumnus. This year’s scholarship recipient is Taylor S., a senior majoring in Biochemistry. After graduation, Taylor has plans to attend medical school.

The Crew212 team is thrilled to support such talented individuals in STEM and are excited to see their impact on our MN and IA communities in the coming years. Congratulations Katie, Donald, and Taylor!

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