Crew212 Millennials Bypass Entry-level Job Market to Jumpstart Careers

Originally posted in IIBA Central Iowa Chapter’s website

A college grad fresh out of school hired into Keyot’s CREW212 consulting practice can expect to land a role with a Fortune 1000 company that ordinarily requires 3-5 years of experience – all without ever sending a single resume.

Millennials scored no breaks as the first generation to come of age during the worst economic free-fall since the Great Depression. Despite being the best educated cohort in history, Millennials have struggled with persistently high levels of underemployment, which means they’re working in jobs that don’t require their full set of skills or level of education. In fact, recent studies have found that as many as 40 percent are employed in jobs that don’t require a college degree.

So what gives? The economy has rebounded since the Great Recession. Millennials are well educated and boast technology and online social networking skills earlier generations entering the workforce could not have imagined.

“A lot of it has to do with soft skills,” says Cindy Rockwell, Keyot managing partner and lifelong Iowa resident. “Millennials may be the most highly educated, tech-savvy generation ever, but shortcomings in key areas such as leadership, critical thinking, work ethic, communication skills and basic professionalism are what hiring managers are coming to us to solve for.”

That’s why Keyot, a professional management consulting firm, created the CREW212 model.

“Our talent screening process is designed to identify those who naturally lead from the front as well as those who may be more comfortable leading from within teams,” says Iowa native Laura Kelly, Keyot’s co-founder. “Companies need both types of leaders to be successful.”

New recruits fortunate enough to land a coveted slot in the CREW212 program are put through their paces from the get-go. “We don’t call it Boot Camp for nothing,” says Rockwell. In addition to an intensive onboarding program, CREW212 consultants receive ongoing training and mentorship from Keyot’s senior leaders, 360-degree performance feedback and opportunities to earn professional credentials such as Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) certification.

“Keyot’s CREW212 program launched my career,” says Jeff Kramer, Requirements Analyst at DuPont Pioneer in Des Moines. “The mentoring and skills-based training I received set me up for a rewarding consulting experience that eventually led to an offer of fulltime employment after just one year,” Kramer notes. “I will always be grateful to Keyot for playing such an active role getting me established as a professional.”

Sounds great. But even the most well-trained, polished talent must still submit a resume if they’re to score an interview for mid-level professional roles with Fortune-ranked companies, right?

“Make no mistake, candidates vying for positions as CREW212 consultants are subjected to a highly rigorous, multi-day interview process,” notes Rockwell. “Those who make the cut attend a two week boot camp and are then coached specifically about our client’s culture and work environment and placed only where we believe the consultant is a great match for the client assignment.” The Crew212 process is unique and we guarantee our talent a 12-month training and real-life experience, according to Rockwell, where the consultant is being groomed to join the client organization, if a job is offered and available.

“Our entire value proposition is built around creating perfect fits for our consultants at the client companies where they will work,” says Rockwell. “After boot camp and through all of the training and mentoring, we come to know our CREW212 consultants very well. This makes it a cinch to match them with the right teams at our client companies because we know all of those folks so well, too.”

And corporations on the hunt for top business talent are taking notice.

“Our team members who have joined through this program are simply great”, says Linda Jennings, a SVP with Wells Fargo in Des Moines, who has hired a number of CREW212 consultants in recent years. “The extra training and support they get from Keyot helps to bridge our onboarding. The team members hit the ground running and make an immediate impact.”

“Clients trust us,” Rockwell notes. “When we recommend consultants for particular job roles, that’s usually enough for our clients to go ahead and get them onboard.”

“The best part is Keyot knows us and they know their consultants, which puts them in the perfect position to play corporate matchmaker,” states Jennings.

Keyot’s Iowa offices are located in Des Moines. Additional offices are located in Dallas, TX and St. Paul, MN.