Change Management: Micro and Macro

Hats off to all you Change Management professionals and all the consultants who have built change management muscle over the years. My husband and I recently sold our home and 10 acres in Wisconsin and downsized to a much smaller condo in Stillwater. We are 2 people who couldn’t know each other better. We initiated this change, no one was doing it to us. Intellectually we were on board; we were change agents, change champions. Yet, when it finally happened, we weren’t as emotionally prepared as we thought we were.

Throughout the process we both had triggers that impacted our “project” and our plans. We had moments of paralysis and others of “what the heck is the other one doing or thinking” e.g. Why on earth would my husband put 2 measuring tapes in the kitchen towel drawer?! I won’t tell you about my idiosyncrasies. Some paths forward seemed easy and clear to me and others a dense fog of uncertainty. Bottom line, however macro the change, we feel it and respond to it on a personal, micro level.

In the project and client world, teams undergoing change may or may not know each other well and may or may not even like each other. They may be all on board for the change and still hit a momentary stall over an old process they helped build years ago – one that represented a significant moment in their career lives and that they find hard to just toss away.

The rate and volume of change is incredible today. From a recent Forbes article: “It’s clear that keeping up with the rate of digital advancement – for example automation, harnessing big data, emerging technologies and cyber security – will pose significant challenges for future leaders, including our own graduates, and will add a whole new layer of complexity as they try to stay ahead of competitors and innovate,” said Roland Siegers, CEMS executive director.

What we are seeing is that Agile as a framework has increased that velocity – our clients are transforming to stay ahead and innovate faster. Having said that, organizations also reach moments of paralysis or change fatigue. You are living it every day and building your skills.

I would love to hear your change management stories: successes, observations, struggles and wisdom. You know I love a good story! I can be reached at

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