Rarely does a first job provide the level of professional experience and supplemental training that I received as part of the Keyot team. My first consulting assignment was both rewarding and challenging—opening the door to a full-time offer from Wells Fargo. Aware that most young professionals must invest in their own career development, I took full advantage of the many leadership and other personal growth seminars offered by Keyot. The Keyot team tailored their training sessions to bridge any identified informational or soft skill gaps—ensuring we would quickly reach our full potential as consultants. Additionally, the mentorship provided by the Keyot team allowed me to ask direct questions about my performance, and then receive the candid feedback and coaching necessary for my short- and long-term success.

The senior leadership at Keyot is intentional at pairing each Crew212 member with the right client.  They care about customer satisfaction but also are careful to place consultants in roles they find satisfying and challenging.

Through one-on-one mentoring and access to senior consultants, Keyot also allowed me to substantially grow my network of contacts.  This ultimately expedited my corporate career—helping me land a position after one year that normally requires at least five years of experience. The reputation of the Keyot senior team with business leaders across Des Moines, provided access to a network of both corporate and non-profit professionals. My experience as a member of Crew212 both catapulted my corporate career and provided me with the resources and training to be confident and successful.