I still can’t believe I am watching a zombie series on Netflix’s.  I don’t like zombies.  They don’t have any redeeming qualities.   That said, I do think we have all had a few walking dead on our teams from time to time; am I right?   There are some classic lessons illustrated beautifully here that carry over into the real world when your team is under duress.  Every project has its moments.

  •  When under pressure you can shoot first, then think or you can take the time to observe the surroundings, make a plan, then shoot. All of course before you get eaten.  It is important to know your skills and when you can act decisively, with little thought, and when you can’t.  So far everyone in the series would have benefited from thinking through situations a bit more.  “Don’t throw rocks at a zombie stuck in the mud”!
  • When the collective is scared, worried or can’t see an end in sight, everyone wants a strong leader; preferably with a plan.  The plan doesn’t have to be stellar, just something to focus on that moves the group forward.
  • Even if you are a leader you are part of a greater team.   Do you stir the pot with descent by talking about others weaknesses or build a team by focusing on the strengths that contribute.  A team feels the pulse of the leader and responds accordingly.  Remember, zombies have no pulse.
  • You may be a main character, but it doesn’t mean you are safe.  Don’t live with the illusion that you are not replaceable or entitled.  If you don’t add value every day you might find yourself among the walking dead.
  •  Stay in shape.  When being chased, you don’t have to be the fastest, just faster than the person behind you.   No company or team wants to carry dead weight.  Being high maintenance or someone who has to be pulled along through every change or interaction is just too much work.    Don’t be left behind.

Finally, learn how to shoot a crossbow.  It’s quiet, efficient and doesn’t attract the other zombies consuming their latest victim or looking to hook up with their next one.  Probably not as productive in the office setting; but you never know!

Spoiler Alert!  I am only on season 3 so I am sure many more lessons to go…