Best of Keyot Awards 2018 – Overall Winner

2018 Best of keyot awards logo Tara Shaw

2018 was a year of incredible growth for Keyot.  Late in 2017, the Keyot ownership team expanded our Sales, Recruiting, Crew212 and Delivery Management teams to better serve our growing customer base. Over the course of 2018, our Core Consulting business grew by 25% and our Crew212 business grew by an amazing 148% as more companies have fully leveraged the power of this workforce solution. At our 2019 strategy session at the end of 2018, the owners recognized some heroic efforts that made 2018 results possible – even in the midst of onboarding some new team members – in the first ever “Best of Keyot” awards. Over the next several weeks, we will be posting articles about these Keyot superstars. Their commitment to their craft, passion for quality and daily example of living our Core Values is what earned them this “Best of Keyot” spotlight.  Join me in congratulating them and their teams!

-Laura Kelly, CEO

2018 OVERALL WINNER: Tara Shaw, Delivery Manager

Our overall winner for 2018 is Tara Shaw, Head of Delivery Management at Keyot. This award goes to the individual who embodies all our core values in very meaningful ways to ensure that our guarantee of “we will never let a project fail” is met on every engagement. For all her efforts in 2018, we would like to recognize her and all the fantastic work she does. The following is an interview with Tara, within which we hoped to learn some of the keys to her success:

First of all, what is Delivery Management in the context of Keyot?

Tara: Delivery Management entails ensuring the success of any effort performed by our consultants. It starts by making the right match between candidate and client opportunity and continues with supporting our consultants during an engagement and keeping close to our clients to get feedback and provide any needed coaching or assistance to our consultant throughout the engagement. This is one of the things that drew me to Keyot as a consultant; I loved that they knew me as an individual, were thoughtful about the assignments they gave me and could tell they really cared about me and their clients. Of course, Keyot’s dog-friendly office really clinched the deal though!

Delivery Management is a key differentiator for Keyot. Why do you think clients enjoy having a Delivery Manager?

Delivery Management allows Keyot to live up to our guarantee – we never let a project fail. It gives peace of mind to our clients to know that Keyot is present throughout the engagement and that our Delivery Managers are able to use their own execution experience to support their efforts.

You are a Delivery Manager to over 40 people in 3 states, how do you manage that?

I can honestly say I never get bored! I’m a classic extrovert – getting my energy from being around people, which is a perfect fit for this role since it’s all people all the time – candidates, consultants, clients and my fellow Keyot back office colleagues. Meeting so many interesting people, hearing their stories, and helping them succeed is so rewarding and motivating. Working at a dog-friendly office means that whenever I have a stressful moment, I can take a time out and pet a pup and who doesn’t love that? (Did I mention I love dogs?)

You are also Head of Delivery Management for Keyot. What does that entail?

I manage a team of rock star Delivery Managers who all bring unique backgrounds and experience in project execution that strengthen our team. I provide coaching and mentorship to the team when needed, help them develop their own careers, set best practices and processes and train new hires.

Do you think being a former consultant has made you a better Delivery Manager?

Absolutely! Having consulted for years myself makes me a natural advocate for our consultants. I understand the challenges that our consultants and clients face and try to leverage my own experience to help their efforts succeed. Seeing through the lens of a consultant helps me ensure the right match for our candidates and clients.

How did you get into consulting? What do you love most about it?

After having a few years under my belt as a Business Analyst, I wanted to learn new industries and technologies, so I made the leap into consulting. I ended up moving back into an employee role where I learned Project Management and went back into consulting with that skill. My favorite thing about consulting is the variety and continuous learning. I was able to work in many industries and many types of roles, which meant my brain was constantly being challenged and I was always growing. Whenever I left consulting for a full time position, I always missed the fast paced, ever changing consulting world. One of my favorite things about my new job is helping people overcome their fear of the unknown and introduce them to all the exciting possibilities that consulting could hold for them.

You’re known by your coworkers as being both efficient and effective. What have you learned in your years of experience that have helped you become this way?

That’s so lovely to hear! Having project and program management in my background, I’ve needed to hone my organization skills over the years, which has been vital to this role. Years of consulting has made me unafraid of trying new things and has instilled the value of learning from your mistakes. At Keyot, we are always striving to be better and being agile-minded, we try something and make adjustments to improve. I love being at a company where new ideas are embraced in the spirit of striving to be the best.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received and what’s some advice you routinely give to your consultants?

A manager told me early in my career to always have a general career path or goal in mind but stay open to possibilities and I have followed this throughout my career. It’s crucial to build strong relationships throughout your career, and sometimes those relationships open up possibilities you have never considered. That’s how I ended up in this position! My relationships with the leaders at Keyot led me to try Delivery Management, a role that wasn’t on my radar, and it has become my favorite job I’ve ever had! I pass this advice on to consultants and candidates I interact with daily.

Thank you for your time Tara and congratulations on your success!

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