Best of Keyot Awards 2018 – Love What We Do

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Our next Keyot Core Value in the “Best of Keyot” Awards series is LOVE WHAT WE DO. The two people being recognized exemplify this Core Value by always showing up with a smile and a positive attitude, while performing their jobs at an exceptional level and with true passion. For LOVE WHAT WE DO, we would like to recognize Jess LaValle (MN Office Manager) and Sean Anderson (Crew212 Recruiter). Congratulations, Jess and Sean, we’re happy that you love what you do and we love having you on the team!

First we will be chatting with Jess LaValle, our amazing Office Manager:

What are some of the reasons you love your job?

Jess: I love the people I get to work with and love the variety of things I do each day – helping others is something that makes me happy.

I understand you’re the proud parent of two pups named Bennie and Ox who you like to bring around the office occasionally. What’s it like to work in a pet friendly office?

Working in a pet friendly office keeps the stresses of a work day under control – how can you not be happy and feel a bit lighter when you get a puppy kiss now and then!

You’re the Office Manager for the MN office, help out with every other market, and are an executive assistant to three of the partners. You anticipate needs, take the initiative, and most importantly, you do it all with a great big smile on your face! You truly Love What You Do. Is there any advice you can give on staying positive in the workplace and effectively managing stress?

Show gratitude! Seeing the positive qualities in your teammates helps bring out the positive qualities in you…appreciate the little wins and smile… ????

Thank you for sharing with us Jess!

Next up is Sean Anderson, a fantastic Crew212 Recruiter:

How did you get started in recruiting?

Sean: After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in Business Analytics, I knew that I wanted to pursue a role that utilized my communication skills while still leveraging my technical ones. After speaking with Cindy and the Iowa team, it was clear that a Delivery Coordinator/Recruiting role at Keyot would be a great way to start my career!

At Keyot, we pride ourselves on finding the right “match” between candidate and client. What do you look for when you’re finding that match?

When finding the right match, it is vital to clearly understand your client’s needs for each specific position. Which technical skills are necessary? How much experience is required? What is the working environment and company culture like? Who has been successful there in the past? These kinds of questions help you understand the characteristics of an ideal candidate and will lead to creating a great match.

You currently hold the Crew212 interview record at a whopping 35+ interviews performed in a single week. How do you effectively manage all your candidates?

When dealing with a large number of candidates, there are a few strategies I use to effectively manage them. First off, utilizing an Outlook calendar ensures that I never miss an interview and that I always call on time. Also, taking detailed notes before, during, and after the interview has aided my decision making immensely.

As one of the newest members to the Crew212 team, your coworkers have taken quick notice of your ability to network and always perform your work with a smile on your face. Do you have any advice on those looking to improve their networking skills? And what are some of the reasons you love your job?

For those looking to improve their networking skills I would suggest using social media as a tool to meet new people with similar interests and more importantly to maintain/grow current relationships. One of my biggest takeaways from networking is that if neither individual, or just one individual, maintains the relationship, it will fail. A successful relationship requires continuous effort from both parties outside of social media, don’t underestimate the impact of a simple cup of coffee.

As a new employee of Keyot, there are many things I love about my job! From Keyot’s values and company culture to its development opportunities like Scrum Master certification, my time with Keyot thus far has been incredible and I am extremely grateful to be a part of the team!

Thank you Sean, we’re grateful to have you on the team too!

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