Best of Keyot Awards 2018 – Lead the Way

2018 Best of keyot awards Lead the Way

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The second Keyot Core Value we will be covering in our “Best of Keyot” Awards series is LEAD THE WAY. The three people being recognized today exemplify this Core Value by never being afraid to take the lead and blaze new trails for Keyot. For LEAD THE WAY, we would like to recognize Andrew Reiter (Delivery Manager), Chris Fiala (Recruiter) and Chaz Gerads (Director of Client Solutions). Congratulations, Andrew, Chris and Chaz and thank you for always leading the way!

First up is Andrew Reiter, one of our spectacular Delivery Managers:

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Andrew: To be honest, I have too many favorites to list. One of the favorite parts of my job is watching a consultant start with a client and begin making an impact within the organization. From the time we “make the match” between consultant and client, it’s exciting to see the consultant get up to speed on their project(s) and watch them flourish as they use their expertise to make a difference for the client.

Why do you think our clients enjoy having a Delivery Manager?

The Delivery Manger role is a differentiator for Keyot and our clients. I believe our clients have satisfaction in knowing there is DM who is focused on helping the sales team match the right people to their organization as they expand. Our clients are busy, so the more we can do for them during the candidate selection and onboarding process ultimately gives them more time for other priorities. I believe the consistent check-ins we have together over the course of the engagement are extremely impactful as well. It is our promise that we will not let a project fail!

As a Delivery Manager, you often provide guidance to our consultants. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received and what’s some advice you routinely give?

“Give value, give value, give value.” During my time as a consultant, I was often faced with ambiguity and project uncertainty. During those times I’d ask myself, “Who can I help in order to make this project more successful?” or “What value can I give in order to make this person’s job easier, to provide more transparency or inspire action?” For me, consistently focusing on giving some sort of value, regardless of the situation or task, helped to ensure project success and comradery among my peers – and that is something that I consistently advise consultants. Give value, do the right thing, and it will pay dividends in the future.

You started your journey with Keyot as a member of the Crew212 program. How do you think that experience helps you Lead the Way as a Delivery Manager?

Being a member of Crew212 has helped me to Lead the Way because I was exposed to so many different roles and experiences! You could say I “consulted up the ladder” and moved relatively quickly into leadership roles early on in my journey. I firmly believe I would not have gotten those opportunities had I not started in Crew212. Now as a Delivery Manager, I can really resonate with consultants on the triumphs and struggles they face during projects. I’m able to be a set of listening ears for them or provide guidance and suggestions on what worked for me as I progressed through my journey as a consultant.

Thank you, Andrew! We appreciate your insight.

Next, we’ll chat with Chris Fiala, Recruiter:

How did you get started in recruiting?

Chris: My girlfriend (now wife) completed an internship during college with a national recruiting firm. She was going back to school to finish her last semester and the firm needed a replacement, so I was curious to learn about recruiting and took the position. I started out as a Sourcer, learning all things recruiting. Roughly 9 months later, I realized I loved it and wanted to recruit IT professionals.

What do you love most about it?

I love seeing people progress professionally, placing them for the first time is rewarding. But building long lasting relationships and placing them for a second or third time is what I love most.

Recruiting is a fast-paced role. How many candidates would you say you talk to in a year and how do you manage your time?

I would say roughly 4,000 – 5,000 candidates per year. Managing time is difficult but we have amazing technology here at Keyot to help with that. Building good relationships with candidates that also follow up regularly helps me stay in touch in a timely fashion.

At Keyot, we pride ourselves on finding the right “match” between candidate and client. What do you look for when you’re finding that match?

90% of the time, I look for candidates that have stayed on a project for 9+ months. It is important to me that candidates have listed what they were tasked with and what they accomplished. We work with senior consultants and they need to be able to hit the ground running.

You Led the Way in 2018 by starting a user group for data enthusiasts. Tell me about your passion for the data community and any plans you might have for 2019.

Our data user group was a success for both our senior level consultants and Crew212 (college hire program). 2018 was full of accomplishments and a huge growth year at Keyot. Personally, hiring data consultants has turned more from a passion to a purposeful commitment to those I have met in the data community. The people in the data community continue to amaze me. They are continuously learning, driving change, and bringing new ideas (augmented analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning) to our clients.  January has been off to a great start with several new jobs in the data space. I plan to continue building new relationships with the Twin Cities data market and help as many people as I can.

Thanks Chris! We’re looking forward to everything you accomplish in 2019.

Last, but certainly not least, is Chaz Gerads, Director of Client Solutions:

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Chaz: Partnering with clients to deliver innovative workforce solutions that allow them to meet their business goals and objectives. I love a challenge and I love helping our clients however I can, so this job has been very rewarding for me.

How do you balance the needs of the various different client partners you work with?

By approaching each client and opportunity open minded and with eyes wide open – while client partners may be trying to reach similar business objectives, they all have a uniqueness to their business, their environment, etc.

You’re known for being an exceptional member of our client solutions team and consistently “Lead the Way” with innovative solutions for our client partners. What do you think is the key to your success when it comes to figuring out a great, innovative fits for the client?

The key to success for me is building real, authentic relationships with my client partners. For me this means being comfortable with supporting partners through sharing my wisdom, prior project experiences, and network of contacts – every partnership/engagement doesn’t necessarily result in a revenue-recognizable engagement for Keyot, and that’s okay. My passion/love for what I do is easily recognizable by the client partners I service.

Thank you for your time Chaz, we appreciate you leading the way for our clients!

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