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Agile & Product Transformation

Before embarking on any transformation effort we take time to understand your goals, business process and culture. It takes considerable energy to move from a project to product mindset, but we’re here to help along the way with a framework that’s easy to learn, adopt and continuously implement – even after our team leaves.

Defining product values

Transformative efforts require more than new delivery tactics. Successful outcomes demand changing the head and heart of the business. We believe a mature product-driven organization is defined by a unique set of values that drive the right behaviors and actions.

Creating your product toolbox

New ways of working need to enable people to make decisions about how they work within a loose set of guardrails. Leadership provides the “why” and the desired outcomes. The teams figure out the “what” and “how”.

Our customized product toolbox provides a consistent way of working without the burden of rigid governance. Think of it as an operating model encompassing prioritization, planning, product discovery, product delivery, and impact assessment.

Why is it the right time for product transformation?

We work with some of the best Agile coaches around the country to guide you on your transformation journey with several areas of expertise and services.

  • Transformation Leadership
  • Portfolio Management
  • Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban
  • Value Stream
  • Product Management Best Practices
  • Coaching
  • Agile and Scrum Assessments
  • Targeted Agile, Product Owner, and Scrum Training
  • Future Workforce
  • Change Management
  • Role-Based and Cross-Functional Training