It starts with pulling together the right team of senior and junior talent. Then we invest in each person with a proprietary combination of mentoring, training and resources. Our clients get more and spend less with a team created for their unique work environment and the option to build a future workforce with Keyot’s Crew212 talent.

Problem solvers with a people solution

We use multiple solutions to achieve your goals. No matter how we support your business, our people enable you to take over when our work ends. Every project comes with our 100% guarantee of successful completion.

Targeted recruiting at 2,000+ colleges

Our rigorous recruiting and screening identifies top graduates who have the grades, emotional intelligence and work ethic to excel.

Our ability to deliver exceptional results happens by investing a considerable amount of time in truly understanding our consultants and where they excel. We call this a “whole-person” approach to supporting each individual and their career development. Learn more about our Core Consulting program.


  • The Art of Having Difficult Conversations
    At Keyot, we’re passionate about imparting our time and wisdom to young professionals, teaching them valuable skills to develop their careers. A topic we often coach is the art of having difficult conversations with coworkers and managers. Over my career, I have been lucky to work with some exceptional leaders …
  • Millennials Don’t Want to Job Hop, But Here’s Why They Do
    Recently I surprised myself when I shared with a potential candidate, “I’ve been with Keyot for almost 10 years.” Ten years! Which many employers consider “the sweet spot”. As recruiters, we talk a lot about people with 5-15 years of experience – our clients want them, and we want to …
  • University Recruiting: 4 Insights for Candidates Navigating the Virtual Switch
    A year ago, I was standing in the MizzouRec Complex in Columbia, MO, a HUGE building filled with employer tables barely a foot apart. Hundreds of students milled about. Hands were shaken, paper resumes passed out.  Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. I attended the same career fair …